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Welcome to She Survived

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Special thanks to Britney Jeanine for coming up with an excellent logo. She has the creative ability to capture and transform your vision into life.

What I love about the logo is that it is a powerful statement. It tells the narrative of so many women that have sojourned before us. But it’s the narrative of our life as well. Just two words. She Survived. It speaks volumes. But what I love most about the logo is the punctuation at the end. The good old period. Most agree, that the period is perhaps the easiest punctuation to master. It ends a sentence. It indicates no further discussions is possible or desirable. She survived period. It declares victory! Point blank. You can, and you will survive!

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1 Comment

I would like to say kudos to you and your team for stepping up and out. We as women are transparent to an extent. I understand because everyone is not always ready to hear our transparency. My opinion , this is a great start to be free to be me without judgement or ridicule. Have a Blessed Day !!!

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